Fleury makes heavyhearted comments following crushing loss in Vegas

Fans will not accept this...

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The Washington Capitals’ 4-3 victory in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final — a comeback win that sealed the first championship in their franchise history — was simply heartbreaking for the Vegas Golden Knights, who almost managed to write a story ending to their inaugural season. The crowd was loud and believed the team could push the series to at least a sixth game, however, forward Lars Eller scored the winning goal, and just like that the hockey season is over, the Caps are champions and the Golden Knights are heartbroken... 

Vegas lost four straight games for the first time this season, and it had to happen during the Stanley Cup final... Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury met with media members and spoke in a somber team dressing room after the game, praising his team's new and rabid supporters.

He however made heavyhearted comments following the crushing loss.

"Thank you for all the support throughout the season," Fleury told reporters. "From day one, they've been incredible. Sorry we couldn't bring it home."

While Fleury apologized to fans of the Golden Knights for not delivering a Stanley Cup, they will surely not accept this. The fan base knows the team has given everything it could to write their names in the history book with the most impressive inaugural season in history. 

The story may not have the perfect ending, but it was one heck of a tale. A team of castoffs that called themselves "The Golden Misfits" came together to stun the hockey world by coming on top of the Pacific Division with an astounding 109 points before putting up a 12-3 record in the first three rounds of the Western Conference playoffs. 

"It was pretty quiet in here after the game," Fleury added. "Nobody talked about it. I think we all need a little time to realize what we've done."

The Vegas fan base will want their team to focus on that, rather than on being sorry they couldn't bring the championship home after their first season. The Golden Knights' magical run may be over, but fans know that the team has given them one heck of a ride and have a great plan and base in place to pick up where they left off next year.