Flyers gearing up to trade fan favorite?!

Careful! Hextall did the same thing during last year's draft...

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The Philadelphia Flyers made one major move last year on the night of the National Hockey League Entry draft when they traded forward Brayden Schenn, and there are talks that another major move will be underway on June 22nd by general manager Ron Hextall...

According to a report by Michael Russo of The Athletic, several teams could possibly swing a deal in the coming week and he strongly believes that the Flyers are gearing to potentially trade fan favorite Wayne Simmonds. 

"Multiple sources tell me the Flyers are gearing to potentially trade Wayne Simmonds. He’s a year from free agency and coming off a 24-goal, injury-hindered season. He scored 120 goals the four seasons before that, is big, is tough (the guy caved in Wild winger Eric Nystrom’s face once during a fight as a King), is a leader. He’s a right-shot wing and makes a reasonable $5 million with an even more reasonable $3.975 million cap hit. He has a 12-team no-trade clause, per"

While the speculation isn't all that surprising, Hextall still recently commented that both sides were also having preliminary discussion regarding a contract extension... 

“Yeah, we’ll talk at some point,” Hextall recently told NBC Sports Philadelphia. “We had pro meetings, the week before was four days of amateur meetings. Combine before that. It’s a real busy time. That gets pushed back to later.”

When Schenn was moved during last year's draft, Hextall admitted that he had not anticipated trading him until the deal with the St. Louis Blues was pieced together on draft night. The same could be happening with Simmonds this time around... 

In his article, Russo pointed out that the Minnesota Wild might make a play on Simmonds as one of new GM Paul Fenton's first major moves. It's important to remember that Simmonds is currently in recovery following surgery to repair a tear in his pelvis area that caused a lot of trouble for the power forward in the past season. 

However, it is not expected to affect Simmonds' trade value or next season's performance as "Hextall feels Simmonds is already on track to be 100 percent for training camp and anticipates a monster season from the 29-year-old right winger as he not only enters the final year of his contract but is also out to prove that last season was a fluke," he explained to NBC Sports Philadelphia. 

“I’ll be honest with you, Simmer’s a fast-twitch muscle guy, I don’t have any concern with him,” Hextall said. “I saw him [Thursday] morning, he’s gonna work his way, he’s with [team director of sports medicine Jim McCrossin]. He’s got great guidance. ... I have the expectation for Simmer to come back and be as good as new.”

The question is now: will he be as good as new with the Flyers or another NHL team?