Flyers make shocking decision with new mascot Gritty

This is getting so ridiculously funny!

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The Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot Gritty still has a lot of people talking. His awful looks and aggressive attitude have raised a lot of eyebrows, and things only got worse on Tuesday night when the team celebrated their season opener in Philly. 

Gritty made a great entrance and came in like a wrecking ball. He floated down from the rafters with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” playing in the background. 

The hype for Gritty has gained steam by the day ever since his unveiling two weeks ago. Fans have been focusing on his weird eyeballs, his playoff beard and the way he always seems to want to throw a hip check - at just anyone. The Flyers considered over 100 options before they settled on a sketch from freelance designer Brian Allen of Flyland Designs. His name was decided over the summer by team president Paul Holmgren.

And it’s a hit. 

However, because he has gained so much popularity in so little time, the Flyers had to make an important decision on the safety of their new member. A decision that is quite surprising, seeing that the mascot - sure is a human being - but usually isn’t the main attraction of a team. 

Except in Philadelphia. 

The Flyers have decided to supply Gritty with security and “handlers in suits with earpieces,” according to TSN’s senior hockey writer Frank Seravalli, who provided a picture of his findings on Tuesday night. The Flyers were facing the San Jose Sharks and fans kept buzzing around Gritty for pictures and selfies. 

Everyone seems to love the new mascot, who is being idolized by players themselves. Goaltender Calvin Pickard, who was claimed off waivers from the Toronto Maple Leafs on Oct. 2, revamped his helmet in the Flyers colors and put Gritty’s face on it. Let's hope Gritty brings him luck and Pickard can do better than Elliott did last night... 

Cleary, there’s little need to play 82 games this season to find the NHL rookie of the year: it’s Gritty. Therefore, it is why the Flyers have decided to protect him as much as they can…