Forget best sign, this Caps fan had the best prop in Stanley Cup Playoffs history

Incredible. This takes some serious creative thinking.

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The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs have treated hockey fans to not only some of the best hockey moments in years, but also some of the best fan moments in years. 

The entire Winnipeg Jets fanbase should win an award at the 2018 NHL Awards later this month in Las Vegas for their creativity in sign making and crowd chanting. The Nashville Predators carried on their catfish tradition for a second consecutive season. And, of course, the Vegas Golden Knights’ and their fanbase have made the team’s pre-game ceremony absolutely must see TV. 

But one Washington Capitals fan in attendance for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final last night had perhaps the best prop yet of the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs… maybe the best all time.

Check it out:

WILSSSOOOOOOOOOOOON! As in, Capitals forward Tom Wilson. We love it! 

For those not familiar, educate yourself below:

That’s right, this unidentified Caps fan was repping Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie Castaway at DC’s Capital One Arena last night. How great is that!?

No word yet on whether or not (Tom) Wilson himself has seen the tribute yet, but he seems like the type of guy who would get a chuckle out of it. The 24 year old winger has been a revelation for the Caps this post season, putting up four goals and 12 points in 19 games while playing on the top line alongside captain Alex Ovechkin and smooth playmaker Evgeny Kuznetsov. The 24 year old native of Toronto, Ontario put up a respectable 14 goals and 35 points in 78 regular season games, as well.

Wilson, of course, managed to sidestep supplemental discipline in Game 1 of the series for his late hit on Jonathan Marchessault. It’s a good thing too, because the big winger has been a factor in every game so far this series. He and Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves have had a few post whistle scrums through the series' first three games, but fans are still anxiously awaiting their first real scrap of the Cup Final. If the Caps are going to go all the way and win the Cup, they’ll need Wilson and his volleyball likeness in top form.