Former Canucks player makes ruthless comment following Linden's departure

Fans were outraged!

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The Vancouver Canucks and Trevor Linden announced Wednesday night they had “amicably” agreed to part ways, but no specific reason was given. Linden is leaving the organization, reportedly to "pursue different endeavours," after serving four years in the role. He was hired in April 2014 to take over from Mike Gillis.

While there might be more to Linden's departure than meets the eye, it seems like former player needed to make a brutal statement on social media following the announcement. Later on Wednesday night, former Canucks forward Brandon Prust, who has not played in the National Hockey League since the 2015-16 season, where he was a member of the Vancouver team, made the ruthless tweet on his account. 

"One more step to go..."

While the news might have come as a shock to some members of the hockey community, Prust made it clear that he’s not opposed to the move, and clearly he wants more. His tweet clearly indicates that he believes that the team shouldn't stop with just Linden.

Prust wasn’t exactly a household name in Vancouver, where he only played a total of 35 games, in which he recorded a single goal and seven points before he was sent down to the Utica Comets in the American Hockey League. 

It did not take long for several Canucks fans to reply to Prust, call him out on social media and defend their beloved team. 

While for Prust it seems clear that more is needed to move forward, many still wonder why the move took place. NHL insider Elliotte Friedman joined Sportsnet 650 to discuss Linden's departure and after making a few calls he suggested Linden and ownership might not have seen eye-to-eye on the direction of the team’s current rebuild.

Friedman added that one NHL general manager told him that at June’s draft in Dallas, Linden spoke with several teams that had gone through rebuilds and inquired about their respective processes.

“I think that was his plan. I think he wanted to keep going the same way and I do think there was a recent meeting where I’m not sure the vision was shared, and I think at that point in time it was recognized that it was time for a break,” Friedman said. “I think Linden had a plan that he saw as he asked some other teams about how they went through their rebuilds and he presented that and I don’t think he felt that the organization wanted to do it the same way.”

Clearly, if Linden and GM Jim Benning don't have the same vision, someone had to go...