Former NHL prospect suspended for 20 games for abusing officials and attacking a fan in the crowd

This guy is crazy.

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Now here's a crazy one for you.

Former Dallas Stars prospect, Matt Nickerson, was involved in a game in the Elite Ice Hockey League in the United Kingdom that saw him eventually get himself slapped with a 20-game suspension from the league.

The defenseman broke a cardinal hockey rule by jumping off the bench while his team was in a big scuffle around the goalie's net so that he could get a few punches of his own in.

After abusing the officials and getting a match penalty, he took a vicious swing at a fan on his way back to the locker room.

The league hit him with a 20 game suspension for his actions - 6 games for the abuse of officials, and another 14 for his attack on the fan.

....Old time hockey, right?