Former Oiler reveals dirty secrets on Hall and why he had to leave Edmonton!

Jaw-dropping stuff... Rival GMs even refused to acquire him before the Devils did...

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When Edmonton Oilers fans look back at the trade that sent Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils in return for defenseman Adam Larsson two summers ago, they have the right to be frustrated now. It's understandable: Hall is en route to win the Hart Trophy, and is enjoying a career season of 33 goals and 81 points in 69 games so far, while Larsson has had a tough season, not only on the ice, as he has grieved the loss of his father just weeks ago. The blue liner has just 11 points in 55 games, and the Oilers are far from where they were last spring as a true Cup contender. The Devils are in the race for a playoff berth instead...

At the time, the move seemed a rather confusing one from an Oilers standpoint...

Hall can now be all joyful about making the postseason for the first time of his career and rubbing in his old teammates' faces, but on Saturday morning, a former Oiler revealed some shocking details of Hall's life that will stun fans all over the National Hockey League. 

Former Oilers enforcer and now Montreal radio host Georges Laraque revealed that Hall's darkest secrets prevented him from staying in Edmonton, and that they even became a huge roadblock in the Oilers looking to trade the top forward. 

"Hall had problems off the ice, and went to rehab during the summer of his trade (2016)," revealed Laraque on CHOI Radio X 98,1 Quebec during "Le show du matin week-end with Alex Leblond", as reported by RadioEgo and translated from French. "When he got to rehab, word got out across the NHL that the Oilers were looking to move him because of it. It reminds us of the Zack Kassian case. When everyone in the league knows the player's dirt, it's normal that the player's value is going to drop."

Laraque added an element that sounds extremely serious and controversial about Hall, but leaves everyone on the edge, and with the worst of their own imagination. 

"He absolutely had to leave Edmonton, no question."

Laraque also noted that the Montreal Canadiens and general manager Marc Bergevin were in the running to land Hall in the summer of 2016, right before the Habs GM pull the monster trade that sent defenseman P.K. Subban to the Nashville Predators in return for Shea Weber. 

Who knows? Maybe Bergevin changed his mind once he got word of Hall's dirty secrets and decided to choose a safer option for his club.