Forsberg accidentally burns the team that traded him in most hilarious way!

This one had to hurt...

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Last night, the Nashville Predators clinched the Presidents' Trophy with 4-3 win over the Washington Capitals. When both teams compete - or are mentioned in the same sentence for that matter - it is impossible not to connect them to what is now looked at as one of the worst trades in National Hockey League history.

If you add to the mix forward Filip Forsberg, you just have to make a nasty joke or insulting comment about the Caps, who have won the aforementioned President's Trophy in the past. However, as Forsberg pointed out, that doesn’t mean much.

"We’ve seen especially here (in Washington) that the Trophy doesn’t mean that much, but I think just the home ice is going to be huge," Forsberg said to Associated Press Hockey writer Stephen Whyno after the game. 

Of course, it seems like Forsberg was simply trying to explain that the team is more concerned with playoff success and winning the Stanley Cup over regular season success, but the fact that he accidentally insulted the club who traded him years ago was just the cherry on top. 

Just a couple of days ago was the five-year anniversary of the Captials trade with the Predators that swapped Forsberg for Martin Erat and Michael Latta. Back then, the Caps were trying to add depth in their lineup before the playoffs, but the team probably would have been better off inserting Forsberg into their lineup than anything else. Everyone can see how big on an impact he's had in Nashville. 

Following the trade, Erat only scored two goals for the Capitals and often became a healthy scratch before he requested a trade out of Washington. He ended up playing for the Arizona Coyotes before leaving for Europe in 2015, while Latta has been hanging around in the American Hockey League for years now... And as you all know, Forsberg has turned out to be one of the Preds' best players...

Just a few days ago, the Predators sent out a savage tweet on social media to hint at the one of the worst trade in the the league's history. On Tuesday morning, the Predators felt somewhat nostalgic and decided to remind everyone of one of the fabulous trade that did not work out for the better... for their trade partner. The Preds' social media representative tweeted: "Too bad this didn't work out..." to their previous tweet explained the trade that took place with the Washington Capitals back in 2013: "The Preds have acquired forward Filip Forsberg from the Capitals for forwards Martin Erat and Michael Latta."

Maybe Forsberg felt the same way as the social account representative did and simply voiced it in his postgame interview. Whether or not it was an accident, it remains hilarious!