Friends and former teammates take to social media to grieve death of Ray Emery

Man… some of these are tough to read. RIP, Rayzor.

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In case you missed it, former NHL goaltender Ray Emery has died as a result of drowning in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

Friends and first responders have identified victim in early morning drowning at the Hamilton Harbour as former NHL goalie Ray Emery. Ray played the Ottawa Senators, Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks and Philadelphia Flyers . He was swimming with several friends & never surfaced  #HamOnt

Hamilton police have since confirmed the report and have identified Emery as the deceased individual in the case.

At 2:50 pm, HPS recovered the body of former player Ray Emery, 35. Emery was reported missing just after 6:00 am in harbour. His body was recovered in close proximity to where he was last seen. Family has been notified. Cause of death to be confirmed pending a PM.

In the hours since his death was announced, DOZENS of former teammates have taken to social media to express their shock, dismay and grief at the news, as well as share stories about the 35 year old Emery.

Some of these are tough to read, some however are incredibly touching. Read below:

Former teammate Rich Clune, who played with Emery during the 2015-16 season with the AHL's Toronto Marlies, shared a photo of Emery from a charity hockey game played just last evening. As far as we know, this is the last known image of Emery alive. 

I took this picture of Ray last night at the charity event Hockey Night in Hamilton. I was going to text it to him today and tease him about making a comeback to pro hockey. It was fun to catch up with him last night. I met Razor some years ago early in my career and was briefly his teammate a couple years ago on the Marlies. I always thought Ray was a kind soul deep down and we had a few conversations over the years and connected on some things about life other than playing hockey. It was great to see the smiles on everyone’s face last night as Ray entertained with some great saves and signed autographs. He was in great spirits all night and was telling a friend and myself that he was starting to feel better after retiring as he was getting involved in some real estate ventures and coaching goaltenders. It’s crazy to think he’s no longer with us in body, but his spirit will live on. It’s important to cherish our lives moment to moment. Rest In Peace Razor. ?