Giroux HAMMERS Hagelin, leaves him bloodied and woozy

WHAMMO! This is the hit of the playoffs!

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Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux absolutely OBLITERATED Pittsburgh Penguins forward Carl Hagelin midway through the 2nd period in Game 6 of the teams’ opening round playoff series. 

Hamelin came out from behind the net, made a deft breakout pass and spent just a moment too long admiring his pass. That’s when Giroux dropped his shoulder and absolutely blew up Hagelin. Check out this hit:

WHAMMO! That’s big, clean body check from the Flyers captain that left Hagelin bloodied and woozy. Hagelin's teammate Phil Kessel would try to engage with Giroux after, but only ended up earning himself a roughing minor for his trouble.

Here’s the hit again from another angle:

Hagelin had trouble getting off the ice and immediately went down the tunnel and into the Penguins’ medical room. No word yet on his status for the remainder of the game.

Giroux has been all over the ice this game, skating miles and clearly getting under the skin of the Penguins. Earlier in the game he was absolutely chopped down by Penguins defenseman Kris Letang right in from of the Penguins net. Check it out:

Ouch that hurts just to watch.

Should we really be surprised though? While he has garnered plenty of headlines this season for his offensive production, Giroux has always been a gritty, hard to play against type player throughout his career. The 30 year old native of Hearst, Ontario had a remarkable 34 goals and 102 points in 82 games this season and has produced a goal and an assist through five games against the Penguins so far this postseason. If his team is to continue their season though, he'll need to dig deep in the third period and help his team break a 4-4 tie.

Update: Shortly after the huge hit, Flyers forward Travis Konecny and Penguins forward Conor Sheary get into a bit of a tussle deep in the Penguins zone.

Check it out:

Konecny clearly takes exception to Sheary's hit, but it's the retaliation from Sheary that really sets things off. In the end, both men would be assessed two minute minor penalties for roughing.