Goalie and skater drop the gloves and throw heavy punches in 3rd period laced with 60 penalty minutes

Wow, you don't see this everyday.

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Most people love fights, but nothing gets us more riled up as hockey fans than seeing two goalies drop the gloves and blockers and throw some heavy face punches.

We've seen some of that this year across the hockey world, with one of the better ones happening in the AHL.

This one also happened in the ECHL.

This most recent fight was a bit unorthodox, however. 

A game in the KJHL saw goaltender Travis Rigden and opposing skater Keifer Tacan square up and drop the gloves in a rare fight between a goalie and player.

Both were assessed fighting majors and game misconducts. The 3rd period of this game saw 60 penalty minutes handed out. Things get feisty in the "K", apparently.