Goalie comes to the rescue of opponent with the most outstanding act of kindness!

Now that's sportsmanship.

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This is an unbelievable story, reminding everyone out there to be kind to one another, no matter who you are. 

Milwaukee Admirals forward Pierre-Cedric Labrie and Jana Pieuze-Roy expected a baby in the new year. But on Saturday, Labrie was on a road-trip with his team, heading to Grand Rapids for the next game after playing at home on Friday. While on the bus, Labrie got a text that Jana was having cramps, but she told him not to worry and that everything would be fine. 

Labrie finally made it four hours later in Grand Rapids, and of course, it was time for Murphy's law. She called in at two in the morning to let him know her water broke. 

The first flight out of Grand Rapids to anywhere close would have got Labrie to Chicago at 6:30 in the morning, and he’d still have had a 90 minute drive to Milwaukee.

Her mom, for two kids, (labor was) less than six hours,” Labrie explained to the Journal Sentinel. “I knew I had rally a small gap.

He asked his teammate and hotel buddy Mark Zengerle, a former Griffin, if he could come up with a solution. He suggested to get in touch with the opposite team's goalie Tom McCollum, who was on his way back to Grand Rapids. 

"McCollum lives virtually across the street from the Admirals’ hotel. His girlfriend was at home. McCollum wasn’t going to need his Ford F-150 for a couple of days anyway, and the Griffins were headed to Milwaukee two days later," we can read in the Journal Sentinel. 

And yes, McCollum lend him his truck, Labrie drove in the snow, and made it in time to see his newborn son in time for his grand entry into this world. 

Got to the hospital at 6:15,” Labrie said. “And deliver the baby at 6:54."

McCollum and Labrie actually met for the first time Wednesday, after the Griffins beat the Admirals, 4-2. They had time for little more than hello and a handshake. Labrie returned McCollum’s keys, and McCollum followed his bus back to Michigan.

I was happy to be able to be able to facilitate the situation. I was more than thrilled when he texted me that he made it in time.”

What an awesome story!