Habs looking to make forward for forward trade?

A one for one blockbuster deal in the cards?

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The entire NHL might be taking a short break from trades, recalls and waivers, but you better believe that general managers are still looking at possible moves to stir up their roster. Especially Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin

According to host and NHL analyst Dany Dube of TVA Sports, there is a very important piece missing to the Habs' lineup; one that Bergevin should correct with a trade. Dube suggests that the Canadiens should trade one of their wingers to acquire a top centre to help them boost their offense. 

The 7-5 win over the Vancouver Canucks might have encouraged Bergevin and Habs fans, but management is expected to take a close look at every game in the coming weeks to decide if they pull the trigger. Especially if the Canadiens can make their way up in the standings and clinch a Wild Card spot for the postseason. 

Many wonder if ONCE AGAIN the Alex Galchenyuk's trade rumors will surfaced.

We will surely have to keep an eye out on where the Habs stand, and not only in the standings but also on the trade market.