Habs targeting one specific player on Wings' roster?

He is EXACTLY what they need! Will they try to trade for him?

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It would be easy to enumerate the areas where the Montreal Canadiens need improvement, especially now that veteran defenseman Shea Weber has been ruled out for the month of December with a foot injury. 

However, one area that desperately needs to be boosted is in the face-off circles. TVA Sports has pointed out that Habs GM Marc Bergevin should be looking to add a face-off specialist to improve the team's record. 

Host Danny Dube also mentioned one player the Canadiens should target : Detroit Red Wings' Luke Glendening. He has a 59,93% in the face-off circles and could give the Habs the much needed boost they need there. 

Brad Richardson (54,37%) of the Arizona Coyotes is also mentioned as an option. 

"They are no saviours, but they are unidimensional players who allows their team to have efficiency in the defensive zone during crucial moments and can win important face-offs at the end of the game, or at the end of the period," explained Dube. 

Will Bergevin pull the trigger on a specific move to help his team in that area of the game?