Hawks' Keith about to set disastrous record...

You know the Blackhawks had a terrible season when this happens...

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There is no doubt that Chicago Blackhawks Duncan Keith has made many rival players jealous with all the awards and championships he has won in his career. He has three Stanley Cup championships, including one Conn Smythe Trophy for the playoffs' most valuable player in 2015, to go along with two Norris trophies, four All-Star appearances, two First All-Star Teams, and two Olympic Gold medals playing for Canada.

Yeah, that is quite the perfect breakdown of a well-decorated career. 

It is however easy to say that many rivals players across the NHL are not jealous about one thing. The 2017-18 season has been quite embarrassing for the Hawks, and for the 34-year-old defenseman. Many experts and pundits wonder if the Hawks still deserve to be placed in the same sentence as the word "dynasty", and many have claimed that Keith's drop has been one of the most noticeable this season on the Chicago roster. 

Keith has managed to register 30 assists - and that's very nice for the veteran defender, but it also represents the second lowest total he’s racked up since 2007-08, while his current -25 rating is only the third time in his career that he has had a rating below 0 (that includes -1 in 2010-11 and his rookie campaign in 2006-06 where he was -11).

However, another stat is worth noticing and was brought forward by Mark Lazarus of the Chicago Sun Times before Friday night's contest: "If Duncan Keith doesn't score a goal in the last four games of the season, he'll set the NHL record for lowest non-zero shooting percentage (dating back to 1959-60, when shots became an official stat). He's currently at 0.5 percent."

While Keith tried his best to make Lazarus lie, as he tried really hard to score on Friday night against the Colorado Avalanche, he failed to do so and the Hawks fell 5-0. 

Keith is averaging 2.31 shots per game, which has totaled up to 180 shots total – good for 99th in the league, however he cannot seem to be able to beat a goaltender and cancel the disastrous record. The Hawks still have three games to go to the regular calendar... They face the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday and Friday, and finish the season facing the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday night. 

Hopefully, Keith can find the back of the net before the end of the week...