Heartbreaking and poignant message from Dr. Hassan McMasri, who treated Humboldt Broncos last night


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Hassan McMasri was one of the doctors who was at the hospital when the young men and hockey staff from the Humboldt Broncos were brought in to the hospital on Friday, April 6, just mere minutes after the collision between the bus carrying the team, and a semi-transport truck.

Here's the heartbreaking, and poignant messaged he shared on Facebook, just a few hours after his shift at the hospital ended:

"Last night can only be described as the longest, worst and most tragic night of my career. The images can't be unseen or forgotten, the stories can't be unheard or ignored. Meeting each family and explaining the extent of each injury was nothing short of a painful exercise of cruelty. Families waiting for hours to identify their loved ones and smiling of joy at the idea of a significant injury as long as it meant that their loved one was alive brought chills to my spine..."

He also wanted to thank his colleagues, from the nurses in the emergency department to the phyisicians, surgeons, radiologists and respiratory therapists that contributed to saving these kids.

We could read on CTV News' website that even though McMasri "once cared for airstrike victims in Syria's civil war, that didn't harden him to the injuries he and other emergency staff at Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital saw Friday night after a horrific bus crash that killed 15 and injured 14 others." 

He told the Canadian Press that it was an extremely hard day at the office:

"You see the mothers who are trying to cuddle their 19-year-old or 22-year-old in a stretcher, and the little sisters of these patients and the older brothers, and you start to hear the stories, and the pictures that they're showing you of their loved ones -- that's when the shock and reality starts to really hit."

He's a true hero, and we would like to thank him for all he's done.

The Go Fund Me campaign, which aims to amass $4 million for the families and friends of the victims, has already raised more than $2.3 million in just 24 hours. We would like to encourage you to donate to the team.