Heavy scouting presence at one NHL game tonight.

Teams linked together in rumors scouting one another.

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It's trade season in the National Hockey League and talent scouts are out in full force tonight. 

According to a report from Blues reporter Lou Korac. there is a larger than normal scouting presence in St. Louis tonight as the St. Louis blues face off against the Las Vegas Golden Knights. 

Korac has confirmed some of the teams with scouts in attendance and they are the Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins.

The Senators stand out in particular due to the fact that there is reportedly heavy interest from the Blues in Senators forward Mike Hoffman,which raises the question of who may the Senators may be scouting in order to make that trade a reality. 

The Bruins, Devils and Wild are all teams looking to bolster their roster as they push for the playoffs and with both teams on the ice in line to make the postseason it seems to make little sense that they would be scouting either the Golden Knights or the Blues. That however does not mean that a trade between these teams is outside the realm of possibility. 

We expect a lot of activity in the coming weeks.