ICYMI: Crosby looks like a fool in useless fight!

To all Crosby haters: this is your Christmas present!

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Many people like to believe that the best player in the game can have an impact of any aspect of the game. Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby sure is good, but when it comes to fighting, he should consider leaving it to someone else...

The Penguins and Columbus Blue Jackets got into a spirited affair tonight - with several players dropping the gloves, including the Pens' captain. 

Jake Guentzel was crosschecked in the throat, and Crosby rushed to the defense of his teammate.

Unfortunately for Sid, the fight didn't last very long, with the superstar showing why he doesn't generally drop the gloves, as seen in this fight with Seth Jones.

Crosby ended doing an awkward split and falling face first - while Jones landed on top of him...

Not the most graceful, Sid...