ICYMI: Former Mighty Ducks movie star arrested for public intoxication

Ouch… what are you DOING, man?

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In case you missed it, yesterday afternoon TMZ reported that former “Mighty Ducks” star Shaun Weiss, better known as Goldberg the Goalie, was arrested for public intoxication by Oroville, California police.

Here’s the full report courtesy of People magazine:

Weiss, 38, was booked about 12:47 a.m. after patrolling officers found him outside a closed business complex along the main boulevard in Oroville with approximately three other individuals, according to police Lt. Chris Nicodemus.
The group was “behaving erratically with flashlights” — such as Weiss shining a light in his own face — and the officers suspected they might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Nicodemus says.
During subsequent contact with the individuals, authorities determined that Weiss was high on drugs, according to Nicodemus, though he did not know which specific substance it was. A blood sample was not taken.
The actor was held behind bars for a few hours until he sobered up and then was released without charges, Nicodemus says, which is a “routine” occurrence in public intoxication arrests in California.

Weiss was arrested and charged in 2017 with possession of methamphetamine and sentenced to 90 days in prison. He was released early due to overcrowding. 

Most hockey fans know Weiss as Greg Goldberg the lovable and skittish goalie from the Disney Mighty Ducks movies released in the 1990s. I mean… who can forget this iconic scene?

Calls to both Weiss and his manager were unreturned and neither party has issued a statement on Weiss' arrest. For what it's worth, the 38 year old actor has fallen on hard times the past years. While he managed to find steady acting work in the years following his breakout performance in The Mighty Ducks, it's been over two years now since Weiss' last acting role, according to his IMDB biography. Weiss last appeared on screen in the 2016 series Blessed in which he starred as a former child actor who dies and is sent back to Earth to resurrect his struggling acting career. Unfortunately, given Weiss' behavior the past couple years, it appears as though his real life may be heading down a similar path. 

Here's hoping that he finds the help that he clearly needs. Long live Goldberg the Goalie!