ICYMI: Marchand butt ends Andersen in the face

Think NHL Player Safety will take a look at this? Who are we kidding…. it’s the Leafs. Of course they won’t.

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In case you missed it last night, Boston Bruins super pest Brad Marchand attempted to deliver an illegal hit to the head of Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Frederik Andersen.

Marchand got tangled up with Leafs forward Tomas Plekanec in front of the Leafs net, when he made a wild swing at Andersen. For what it’s worth, Andersen seems unaffected by the attempt to injure, but it’s likely only because Marchand was unable to make any real contact with his head. Regardless, the intent is there. 

Check it out:

I mean… whether you’re a Bruins fan or a Leafs fan, it’s no big secret what Marchand was attempting to do on this play. He’s trying to hit Andersen in the face with the butt end of his stick and/or his glove. Is it a blatant attempt to injure? Or just an aggressive competitor trying to get under the skin of his opponent? The real answer seems moot, as Marchand never really made full contact and, again, Andersen seemed unfazed by the attempt.

Still, you can bet that NHL Department of Player Safety (DOPS) will at least review the play. Mr. Marchand could receive a phone call and a “you naughty boy” talk from DOPS, but hold your breath on him receiving a fine or suspension. This is the Stanley Cup Playoffs after all, at a certain point you just have to let the boys play, especially if there’s no harm done.

Again, whether you’re a Marchand fan or not, you have to admit that the 29 year old forward is having a major impact on this wildly entertaining first round series. With six points through the series’ first three games, Marchand has made himself a focal point not only for his usual shenanigans, but his offensive production as well. Maybe we should stop being surprised at this point, though. After all, Marchand has put up back to back 85 point campaigns during the regular season and has topped the 30+ goal mark in each of his last three seasons. Anyone who counts Marchand out as “just a rat” or a “pest” is sorely wrong. This guy can play anyway you want it and brings it each and every game.

Love him or hate him, we dare you to try to look away when Brad Marchand is on the screen.