ICYMI: Perry facing possible suspension after BRUTAL blindside hit on Karlsson

The first round of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs is an absolute war zone!

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In case you missed it last night, the San Jose Sharks held on for a 3-2 victory over the home team Anaheim Ducks in a tightly played hockey game that could have ended very differently were it not for the actions of Ducks forward Corey Perry.

Late in the one goal game with the Ducks mounting pressure on the Sharks defense and on goaltender Martin Jones, Perry took an awful, ill-advised penalty that put his team down a man for two of the game's final three and a half minutes. What was the play? He took a run at Sharks forward Melker Karlsson, who did not have the puck, knocking Karlsson’s helmet clear off… dumping him to the ice.

Check it out:

That… that kind of came out of nowhere. What are you thinking, Corey Perry!?

Even worse was his reaction from the penalty box:

Come on, man... it's one thing to make a bad play, but don't make yourself look a fool with a childish reaction like this...

Watch the clip again, Perry completely blindsides Karlsson from the side and it isn’t until the last moment that Karlsson sees the hit coming. Wile the contact doesn’t appear to be shoulder to head, it’s awfully close. If Perry had targeted the head, there’s no doubt that he’d be looking at a lengthy suspension from NHL Player Safety, especially in light of Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty’s single game suspension earlier this week. 

As it is however, we don’t suspect Perry will face any supplemental discipline for his bad hit. You can’t blame Sharks fans however for voicing their displeasure online. Literally hundreds of Sharks fans took to Twitter in a rally for a Perry suspension.

What’s your take? Does this hit warrant a suspension? No doubt that NHL Player Safety will review the play, but given that Karlsson was not injured and that the head was not the principle point of contact, it seems likely that Perry will get away unscathed. Stay tuned.

In the end, the Sharks hung on for the 3-2 victory and now take a commanding two game series lead back home to San Jose where the two teams will meet on Monday night for Game Three.