ICYMI: Preds' key defenseman takes a skate to the face, right under the eye

That was actually SO scary.

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We had a very scary moment on Friday night. 

During the second round match up between the Nashville Predators and the Winnipeg Jets, 27-year-old defenseman Ryan Ellis was the victim of a nasty cut when he took a skate right to the side of his face. To make matters worse for him, the incident occurred during the game's very first period of action.

The incident actually occurred when Ellis and Jets' Ben Chiarot collided in open ice. Both men lost their balance before falling over. Now even though they seemingly fell in entirely opposite directions, due to the way they both reacted to losing their balance, Chiarot's skate ended up right in Ellis' face.It was so, so close to the eye that we feared the worst for him.

A pretty scary moment to say the least. Many reports indicate the Preds' d-man was bleeding heavily:

However, even though the incident was pretty severe, Ellis had no intention of being in the locker room for long, though. We can clearly see in this short video that he told his teammates he would "be right back":

In a postgame interview, he did not even seem to care about the actual injury. It sure looks like the loss hurt him much more. Here is what he told the reporters after the Preds' 4-1 loss to the Jets:

"Yeah, my face kind of felt like it burned were it got cut. Then I felt it, and I saw the blood. So, it is what it is."

He is an absolute warrior. Predators' fans really loved the fact he came back to the game just a few minutes after the injury:

"Still can’t believe Ryan Ellis took a skate blade to the face and came back out 10 minutes later like nothing happened. Hockey players man. Damn."

"Ryan Ellis took a skate to the face tonight. Went to the locker room, got stitched up and played the rest of the game. I don't wanna hear about an elbow."

"Ryan Ellis got his face cut after a hockey blade connected with his face and he left the ice, but he was stitched up and back within 5-10 minutes, in case you were wondering which sport had the toughest athletes (hint: it’s hockey)"