Insider believes NHL star player should get $20 million a year!

What do you think? Does he deserve that much?!

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The National Hockey League has a few legends to be, great star players that make the sport the greatest on earth. There is Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid… and on Tuesday night, the latter proved to be just one of the most exciting players to watch in the NHL at the moment… 

With a four-point night, McDavid set his first ever NHL record  against the Winnipeg Jets, by scoring or assisting on each of his team’s first nine goals from the start of a season. (Adam Oates held the record at seven goals, set in 1986-87 for the Detroit Red Wings.)

The Oilers pulled one of the greatest comeback, as they were behind 4-1 against their rivals, to win the contest 5-4 in overtime on a goal from defenseman Darnell Nurse. It was quite shocking to see that the Oilers captain was not on the ice this time around. 

You can see the game recap in the video above, atop this article. 

“You know what? It’s whatever,” he said to reporters after the game. “I’m not overly proud of it. I don’t think it’s a stat we should be proud of either. And we found a way to get a goal there at the end, so we don’t ever have to talk about it again.”

McDavid has been focused on winning through four games this season, with four goals and nine points in four games, and wants the Oilers to return as Stanley Cup contenders.  Entering Tuesday’s game, McDavid had never scored a goal against the Jets. He had eight assists in eight games against them.

NHL insider Pierre LeBrun believes McDavid should be getting paid more for what he does in the NHL, calling the league flawed. 

“The NHL system is flawed. Top players are underpaid. McDavid should be getting $20 M a year. But it’s not the system/culture that exists. Pros and cons to that, but all I can say in my humble opinion is that the elite NHLers don’t get what they should for what they bring in,” LeBrun posted late on social media last night. 

What do you think? Does he deserve that much?!