Insider reveals teams are trying to rob inexperienced GM!

Scary comments on potential trades coming!

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If this season wasn't already ugly enough for the Buffalo Sabres, it could turn into a disaster.

New to his job is GM Jason Botterill and from here to next trade deadline he has to trade away precious assetts that need to bring back futures that will help turn around the franchise's future and quick. There is very little margin for error here as these few deals, including star forward Evander Kane will be crucial in the long run.

Only problem, though, according to TSN insider Darren Dreger, fellow GM's of the NHL are tasting blood and see in him a young inexperienced GM that can be robbed out of his best players for less than they should pay.

One player that teams try to take away from Buffalo is defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen but unless Botterill receives a can't refuse offer, the young dman will stay put.

''Teams are calling hoping they can pick Jason Botterill's pocket. If the Sabres were to make any trade involving anyone like Rasmus Ristolainen, they'd have to get a can't lose return.''