It's payback time in Toronto's situation room!

A Preds fan sent a strong message to the league!

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The Nashville Predators are having a great season, and their fan base is having a blast, being as loud and cheery as ever as the Preds stand out as one of the most threatening contenders in the Stanley Cup race. However, there was a bump in the road on Tuesday that was felt by every single fan who voiced their displeasure for the NHL and the inconsistent officiating on social media following the controversial goalie interference call on Tuesday night.

If you remember, as the news sent shockwaves across the NHL yesterday, Filip Forsberg’s apparent tying goal with less than a second left was disallowed due to goalie interference, giving the Florida Panthers a 2-1 win over the Preds. Take a look at the disallowed goal: 

While fans used social media, especially Twitter, to show their frustration with the league, one die-hard fan went a step further, than let's say forward Mike Fisher's wife Carrie Underwood, actor Kiefer Sutherland and PGA player Brandt Snedeker, who were quite vocal on Twitter following the controversial call. 

One fan decided to take matters into her own hands and sent a special package to the NHL head office in Toronto on Wednesday. And yes, the Predators fans' specialty, a catfish was in the package. On top of shipping a catfish to the NHL Situation Room with a message inside the cooler (you suck!), Briley Meeks included a hilarious caption to go along with the video; see for yourself on her Facebook account:

Special delivery!!!!Catfish from Little’s Fish Market - $7.25. International DeadFish AirMail - $134.50. Knowing Toronto is getting a package of dead fish tomorrow... PRICELESS!!!!!

Yeah, that's 150$ in shipping fees, but Meeks does not care. She wanted to get her point across as many fans have been demanding that the NHL fixes the issues with goaltending interference, especially with the playoffs just around the corner. 

This disallowed goal itself had huge impact in the playoff race, as the Panthers escaped with the two points, and now sit four points behind the Philadelphia Flyers for the final wild-card spot in the East. We can finally see how it can dramatically affect the push to actually get to the playoffs... The league has to get this under control. And today, they will get a reminder that every fan is watching and cares about the right calls on the ice...