Jets' Lowry gets speared where the sun don't shine!

Do you think there will be a suspension on this dirty move?

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The Winnipeg Jets are trying to pick up where they left off last spring, right before they were eliminated in the Western Conference Finals by the Vegas Golden Knights. The Canadian team is looking to make it even further this season and have now registered two wins and one loss in their first three games of the regular calendar. 

Last night, Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck only had to make 16 saves in a 2-1 victory over the Los Angeles Kings, in which Winnipeg outshot the Kings 39-17, with Kyle Connor scoring for a third straight game and Mark Scheifele adding the other goal. Ilya Kovalchuk scored the only goal for the Kings, tallying a goal in the National Hockey League for the first time in 1993 days. Kovalchuk was assisted by defenseman Drew Doughty, who sniped the puck towards the net and Iafallo. 

However, while the Russian sniper's goal gathered a lot of attention on Tuesday night, it was the illegal move of another Kings player that got people talking on Wednesday. While the Jets got away with the win, they almost lost the services of forward Adam Lowry, who was the victim of a dirty move by veteran blue liner Dion Phaneuf. 

The defender speared the poor Jets forward where the sun don't shine, and you can tell Lowry was in serious pain as he headed to his team's bench to catch his breath.

You can see the entire sequence in which the spearing incident took place in the video above, atop of this article. 

There is no word from the NHL Department of Player Safety to see if Phaenuf could be fined or suspended for the spear. He was not penalized on the play as it seemed to take place without the officials noticing what happened. Kings head coach John Stevens didn't think the spear was intentional. 

“He thinks about shooting the puck all the time,” Stevens said to reporters after the game. “His first thought is about getting the puck on net. That’s kind of why we put him there … it’s a philosophy we need to exude on everyone.”

As of now, the NHL Department of Player Safety is quite busy as they are facing two appeals from massive suspension. Washington Capitals' tom Wilson and Nashville Predators' Austin Waston are both in the process of appealing their suspensions. Watson, who was convicted in the summer of misdemeanor domestic assault and was suspended 27 games by the league, a week ago last Wednesday he had his independent arbitrator hearing.

Do you think there will be a suspension on Phaneuf's dirty move?