Jets planning a monster move?

Watch out - the contenders mean business!

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The Winnipeg Jets are strongly placed for a playoff spot, and a few weeks ahead of the trade deadline, they are expected to make a move and show to the rest of the league that they do mean business. 

NHL insider Pierre LeBrun recently speculated the Winnipeg could make a move to boost their lineup by the trade deadline, hearing that general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is talking to other teams with a specific need in mind. 

Though nothing is imminent on the horizon for the moment, LeBrun thinks Cheveldayoff could trade for a centre if the price is right.

On top of that, I think there’s an acknowledgement from that organization in your market deep down that the window is opening," started LeBrun on TSN Radio Winnipeg 1290. "That after all of these years of patient building that if they have an opportunity, I believe, to go out and get another centre, for example, I think they’ll do it. And I think they’re ready to spend some futures to get it done, which is something I think you would agree they probably weren’t ready to do in the last few years. But I think now they know that not every year sets up this way. And hopefully for the Jets the next four or five years sets up like this.

“But I do think Chevedayoff will act if the price is right and I think he would trade for a centre.”

Top forward and Jets first-line centre Mark Scheifele is currently sidelined until February with an upper-body injury and a move could solidify Winnipeg's short term future into the postseason. 

However, Cheveldayoff is not known to be a wheeler-dealer, but it could all change this season. With the Jets high in the standings and acting like a  serious playoff contender, he could be motivated to perhaps bring in a little more skilled depth and give his team a scoring boost. 

The Jets could be worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks as the trade deadline nears...