Julien downplays feud amongst his own players!

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Montreal Canadiens Andrew Shaw and Joe Morrow had an altercation in the middle of the team's skate, with the forward chopping at the defenseman's feet before starting a fight.

Teammates had to intervene to break the two up before cooler heads prevailed. 

Canadiens coach Claude Julien shrugged off the incident on Friday night, prior to the Habs' game against the Calgary Flames. 

"It's players showing emotion -- that happens," said Julien. 

"At the end of the day, there's a professional side to the game and there's a personal side to the game. What happened on the ice was professional and they're going to be in the room on a personal side and they'll probably be hugging each other and buying each other a Gatorade and move on."

Julien will certainly be hoping his players show as much emotions - or more - as they take on the Flames. The Habs gave up five goals to the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday and look to do much better in Calgary.