Just 24 hours before Game 2, Malkin officially comments on his injury

It was about time. Glad to know more about his health!

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We reported earlier today that the Pittsburgh Penguins offered a very important update to their fans concerning the health of superstar forward Evgeni Malkin. According to the team, he sported a full-contact jersey for today's practice, which is extremely important considering the Pens are going to face the Washington Capitals for Game 2, on Sunday night. 

Now just a few minutes after he stepped out of the ice, Geno officially commented on his health and told the journalists what the plan was for tomorrow. You can click here to watch the complete interview. Here are some of the important things he said:

"I feel so much better and we'll see how I feel tonight and overnight. I can't say [whether he is going to play or not] right now, but it feels better. If I play, I'm ready to play. If you play, you need to show what you can and show that you are 100%. It is not like regular season, where you can play slow the first periods... No, you have to play. If I play, I'm ready on the first shift."

He also added that he would like to play is he feels good enough, but even if coach Sullivan ultimately decides not to insert him in the lineup because he isn't ready, he trusts that his teammates will do the job:

"I believe in this group. They have great experience, great toughness. It was tough to watch last night and not being able to play. Especially when it was 2-0... This group is full of amazing guys."

Perhaps the biggest question mark facing the Penguins as they prepare for the second game against the Capitals is the health of Malkin, who sat out the Penguins’ 8-5 Game 6 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers last Sunday.


At the end of the interview, the 31-year-old forward was also asked who he believes will win the Hart Trophy.

"Maybe it comes as a little surprise to see Kopitar nominated, but it was his best season so far and his team play well too. We have seen so many good players who deserves it, like McDavid, Kucherov... It is a tough choice for the league for sure... If you ask my choice, I pick MacKinnon"

It is always nice to hear the opinion of such a great player. We'll now have to wait and see who actually wins the trophy!