Kadri accused of doing the most insulting thing during the Thornton fight!

And we don't mean the beard pulling move!

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The recent fight between Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri and San Jose Sharks veteran Joe Thornton was talked and talked about for days, after the Leafs player ripped a huge piece of the 43-year-old's beard. 

But Don Cherry pointed out something else that was missed. On Saturday night's Coach's corner, Cherry and Ron MacLean showed the footage of the fight again, and noted that Thornton had asked Kadri to remove his helmet and have a clean fight, and also less chances to break a hand. 

Thornton can be seen unclipping his helmet and clearly asking Nazem to take it off, but the young forward simply refused. 

Cherry could not believe Kadri would be so disrespectful of the unwritten rules of fighting in the NHL - especially against a highly-respected veteran like Thornton. 

Cherry showed footage of Thornton fighting Washington Capitals enforcer Tom Wilson, as both players remove their helmets at the same time before engaging in a fight. 

The controversial host seems to believe that some unspoken rules need to be respected when you engage in a fight and clearly, some of the toughest players in the NHL right now agree with him. 

What do you think of the accusation? Should you automatically remove your helmet when you engage in a fight?