Karlsson makes bold argument in the Marchand licking saga!

Do you agree with the superstar defenseman?!

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It is sad to say that by now this is what most National Hockey League fans are talking about this morning. On Friday night during Game 5 of the second round match up between the Boston Bruins and Lightning, Brad Marchand was up to his hold tricks again. It all started when Marchand tried to hip check Lightning veteran Ryan Callahan. The hit ended up catching the Bolts forward quite close to the knee, and he was not happy about it. However, he was even more infuriated when Marchand licked his face from the chin up during another altercation between the two men. 

The lick is now getting all of the attention - not the intense game that ended in overtime. 

"I don’t know what the difference between that is and spitting in somebody’s face,” said Callahan after the Bolts' OT win. “If I’m not mistaken, spitting is a game misconduct, if not a gross. I don’t know what the difference is there, if it’s not worse. …

“I’m just surprised that something isn’t done. I don’t know what the difference is between spitting in someone’s face and licking it.”

Fans have been quite vocal on social media when it comes to Marchand's new way of getting under opponents' skin. It wasn't the first time, but many hope it will be the last. Marchand made headlines during the first round of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs when he got a little too intimate with Toronto Maple Leafs forward Leo Komarov. During the incident in question Marchand was seen licking the man's face, after he had planted a kiss on his cheek earlier in the regular season. To his credit though Komarov showed no signs that the move had gotten under his skin at all. However, now everyone is pissed. 

One Ottawa Senators fan decided to share his anger on social media by explaining what he would do to someone who dared to lick his face during a game: 

"If someone licked my face.....lights out!"

Unprompted, Sens superstar defenseman Erik Karlsson posed a surprising, but thought-provoking question when the fan expressed his anger toward the Bruins pest licking Callahan last night: "What if I did it?"

While the question seems to show what Karlsson thinks of Marchand's ways, it did not change the fan's answer to the inappropriate gesture. 

While Karlsson was looking to have fun in the situation - and it is quite good to see him enjoy the antics after such a heart-breaking year - he may have shared his stance on the issue with that question. It seems like Karlsson might not be against the ways of Marchand, though, let's be honest, he wasn't the one licked from chin to forehead...