Karlsson stirs up controversy on social media over Phaneuf trade comments!

This got ugly fast!

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It did not take much for Ottawa Senators fans to overact to the Dion Phaneuf trade, which took place last night while the team was in action. The Sens traded both veteran defenseman Dion Phaneuf and center Nate Thompson to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for veteran forward Marian Gaborik and 25-year-old center Nick Shore.

Of course, any teammate feels disappointment when a player from his dressing move gets moved, and many Senators players took the opportunity to tweet to Phaneuf to wish him luck in Los Angeles. 

Captain and fellow blue liner Erik Karlsson sent out a heartfelt message to Phaneuf following the trade, and let's just say that fans overacted to the words he used to talk about his friend. 

And cue to fans: 

After stirring uo controversy on social media over the Phaneuf trade, Karlsson needed to tweet back and specified what he meant, telling fans to calm down. 

We are pretty sure fans knew exactly what he meant by it, but with Karlsson's future so uncertain in Ottawa, some fans couldn't help but read into the tweet a little too much.

However, one thing is sure, the two defensemen will remain friends.