Kassian gets into fight, refs intervene while punches are still being thrown, so he gets kicked out of the game

This is just terrible officiating. Take a look for yourself.

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One of the more interesting hockey fights occurred in a spirited Battle of Alberta on Thursday night. Edmonton Oilers bruiser Zack Kassian and Calgary Flames' Ryan Lomberg went at it right after a faceoff. 

Kassian did NOT appreciate being ragged around at the beginning of the fight, as you'll see later in the clip below, and he threw several vicious punches at Lomberg as the refs tried to separate them.

The Oilers' forward was assessed an instigator penalty for starting the fight, although it appeared to be agreed upon at the faceoff dot. They both dropped the gloves. This was the first controversial play of the night - the other saw an overtime goal called back by Connor McDavid.

Look at the bottom half of the GIF.

Kassian was also assessed a game misconduct for his actions during the fight.

People understandably voiced their displeasure towards the officiating on the ice.

Lomberg was pretty pleased with the overall result.