Kessel gets brutally insulted on the ice!

This one had to hurt...

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Hockey fans appreciate the many rivalries that exist around the National Hockey League, and we must admit some are quite entertaining, especially with the postseason just around the corner. What is even better than a great rivalry on the ice? Even better insults on the ice. 

Hockey players can be quite creative when the time comes to deliver brutal insults and chirps. We are all aware that Boston Bruins gritty forward Brad Marchand always has a good punch line in his back pocket, but another player was able to set himself apart on Thursday night when he brutally insulted Pittsburgh Penguins forward Phil Kessel during a game against the New Jersey Devils. 

The thing with Kessel is that my mother would not be able to say he is a professional NHL player if she passed him on the streets. He looks like your average Joe, but one that can manage to score 30 goals in a season, like he has this year in 78 games with the Pens. However, Devils forward Blake Coleman decided to make fun of Kessel's looks on Thursday night, by calling him fat and pretending to be Kessel eating loads of food... The joke has been around for months of Kessel being a hot-dog lover, despite the fact that his sister recently claimed in an interview that she has never seen her brother eating one. 

Coleman did not care and brutally insulted Kessel's weight during the contest. See how it took place in the videos below: 

I am pretty sure Kessel has heard worse on the ice, and must be used to it by now. However, cameras really catch a player in the middle of a vicious war of words, being so mean about a rival's appearance. 

The Devils currently sit in the last Wild Card spot in the Eastern Conference with 89 points, and for now, a first-round playoff matchup between New Jersey and Pittsburgh does not look like it will take place. With the animosity that we saw between the two teams in Thursday night's game, it's hard to believe that it would not have been a good run... 

And it would have given the opportunity for Kessel to respond to Coleman's insults, or given Coleman the opportunity to elevate his status as a little pest around the league...