KHL player knocked out cold during preseason action

Oh no… this is ugly.

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It may be the middle of the offseason in the NHL, but the KHL preseason is in full swing, with just a month left until regular season games begin in Russia. And, according to a report from KHL insider Aivis Kalnins things got ugly in an exhibition game between Dynamo Pardubice and Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg yesterday. 

Check out this report from Kalnins, himself:

KHL pre-season is well underway with just a month left till the start of the regular season but the first unfortunate news has already arrived. 
Very unpleasant events occurred during a pre-season game between Czech Dynamo Pardubice and KHL’s Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg. During the 1st period of the exhibition game towards the end of the period while the score was already 2:0 for the Russian team a Yekaterinburg player lost consciousness and collapsed on the ice. 
Alexander Torchenyuk crashed into the boards head first following an unforced fall then automatically collapsing and seemingly losing his consciousness. Both sides agreed not to continue with the game while the 27-year old player was rushed to Chomutov city hospital where under the supervision of doctors and team physicians regained consciousness. 
Following an MRI it was revealed that the player hadn’t suffered any apparent brain trauma. The team then released a statement that their player will remain in the Czech Republic and wouldn’t travel home with them as he undergoes further tests. 
Torchenyuk has played for Avto since 2015 playing 173 games scoring 73 points (26G+47A). Meanwhile, in 12 playoff games, he has scored one goal. The player has spent his whole career in Russia playing in VHL and MHL (Russian minor and junior league) for three different teams. 
The Yekaterinburg team managed to earn 95 points in 56 games and managed to jump into the playoff wagon where they lost in the first round against a powerhouse Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

Oh man... that sounds ugly. Here's hoping that the 27 year old Torchenyuk makes a full recovery and that his injuries aren't long lasting.

As always with brain injuries, it's best to take a cautious approach to things, so it's good to see that Avtomobilist isn't taking any risks with their player by forcing him back into the lineup. Scary stuff.