Kreider back in time for the trade deadline?

Straight from the coach's mouth!

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The good news for the New York Rangers has been confirmed by head coach Alain Vigneault on Wednesday: forward Chris Kreider will be on the ice again for the Blue Shirts. 

Earlier last week, Kreider started working out with his teammates on the ice, and revealed more information on his latest injury to the New York Post's Larry Brooks. Here's what he revealed in his article:

"Kreider said the blood clot, discovered between the first and second periods of the match at the Garden against the Caps, was caused by a malformed rib of which he had long been aware. He also admitted he hadn’t been “exactly forthright or nearly vocal enough” in informing the Rangers medical team of symptoms he’d been experiencing leading up to that night.

“If you’re going to have a blood clot, the best way to have one is being part of the New York Rangers,” Kreider said. “The training staff, the medical staff, the whole organization couldn’t have been better to me throughout this entire experience.”

"Step by step,” he said. “Then I had the exam [Tuesday] and was cleared to go off blood thinners, which was the final necessary step in the process, and now here I am.”

On Wednesday, Vigneault confirmed that Kreider has been cleared to play, but will not travel with the team for now, as they will face the Canadiens in Montreal tomorrow night. 

In 37 games so far this season, Kreider has tallied 11 goals and 22 points. He will join his team just weeks after management has announced that they are focused on the future and a rebuilding process, and not on the playoffs despite being just a couple of points out of a wild-card berth.

"I haven’t gone through this with them, so it’s very hard for me to speak to it,” added Kreider to the Post. “But I can say that a lot of us have been together for a long time, we’ve been fortunate that way, and it would be a mistake to underestimate this group.

“I’m sure they’re disappointed and disenchanted with some stuff, but there is a ton of heart in that room, and I cannot wait to get back and be a part of it. I’m healthy and I’m ready to go.”