Laine gets shocking offseason makeover

You might not recognize him...

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Star forward Patrik Laine did not disappoint in his second season with the Winnipeg Jets, scoring 44 goals and helping his team make it to the Western Conference Final against the Vegas Golden Knights. And while his offensive push and talent are grandiose, something else was even more epic it seems. That very weird looking beard he sported all year long. 

When the young forward met with media this past week, he revealed that he was going back home to Finland and one major priority on the list was an appointment with his hair-dresser to get rid of the scruffy beard. 

"The woman who cuts my hair, she's going to cut my beard, too, on Friday at two [in the afternoon] back home. So, a couple more days," Laine said Tuesday as players had their last media availability after being eliminated by Vegas last Sunday in the NHL Western Conference final series, per CBC

Many fans and even his own teammates made fun of the beard, which was in the end somewhat of a bet gone wrong. Laine began the season with a day-old shave and said he had a friendly bet with his cousin to see how long they could grow beards.

Now his teammates find comfort in knowing that the season is over and Laine can shave it off. 

"Yay. Finally, finally," said his linemate Nikolaj Ehlers next to Laine at the press conference. 

"It's got uglier and uglier," teammate Bryan Little had said back in March. "When he finally shaves it he's going to look like a new man."

The beard is gone now as Laine posted a photo of himself all clean shaven on Instagram.The Jets shared the snap on their official Twitter account and made the joke wondering what was missing.

In the picture posted on social media, Laine did shave off the long untamed beard, but he did however keep the small blonde whiskers atop his lip. Who knows, he might be going after the same look next season. After all, he started off with the subtle moustache then, and we all know what that grew into. 

Laine might be only taking a break for the warm season and it might all come back to haunt us in the 2018-19 season.