Latest potential destinations for Kane revealed!

Where do you think he's going?

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There is no surprise here: Evander Kane's time in Buffalo is up. But the immediate next question is: where is he going? The 26-year-old forward is expected to be moved before the Feb. 26 trade deadline, but many still wonder which team will make the move to land Kane. 

It was recently reported that Sabres general manager Jason Botterill is asking for four assets, an NHL ready players, a prospect, a draft pick and a conditional pick, but as TSN’s Darren Dreger pointed out, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Interested teams also have to consider that Kane will command a huge salary on his next contract, as he is set to hit free agency this summer. It’s likely that Kane will command more than the current $5.25 million that he’s been earning since the days when he was with the Winnipeg Jets.

NBC Sports has revealed the four potential suitors for Kane, especially now that things are changing fast in the standings with the deadline fast approaching. 

"Of the 16 teams currently occupying spots, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the San Jose Sharks are the lowest scoring with 126 goals for apiece this season," they write. 

Both teams could certainly benefit from adding a scorer like Kane to their roster, and San Jose has the cap space to nab Kane and sign him long term. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins are also a potential suitor, as they seem to be in the mix in every big deal being discussed. However, trading more prospects and picks might be an issue in the future for the defending champions. 

Maybe the Los Angeles Kings would like to make a pitch for Kane. 

"The Kings are sitting on a six-game losing streak where they’ve scored very little and could use the shot in the arm to regain a playoff spot in a Pacific Division where it’s up for grabs."

But Los Angeles could have to fight off the Vegas Golden Knights, who could boost his offense to the Max with Kane, who they could sign long term after that. But meeting Botterill's demands might be too expensive for Vegas. 

Where do you think Kane is going?