Leafs fans shut out from playoffs, as team releases less than 100 tickets to public

Unless you’re either rich, lucky or both, chances are you won’t be attending any Leafs games this postseason…

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According to a report from the CBC, Toronto Maple Leafs fans are being shut out from purchasing tickets for Monday’s Game Three, the series’ first game in Toronto, between the Leafs and Boston Bruins. Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment LLC. the governing body of the Leafs’ organization has elected to release only 96 tickets to the general public and, as you might expect, those tickets were snapped up the moment they were officially put up for sale. 

Officially the team offered up 672 tickets, but once season ticket holders and official fan club supporters got their hands on tickets during a pre-sale, there were just 96 remaining to the general population. Once those 96 tickets were released, ranging in price from $175 to $754 per seat, they were all purchased within a minute. It’s worth noting as well that most of those seats were near the back rows, with unobstructed views. Oh… and there were only two pairs offered up. The other 92 tickets were available a single seat purchases only.

As you might imagine, angry fans took to social media to voice their displeasure with the situation:

The big winner in all of this? Season ticket holders who are flipping their seats to scalpers or to other fans on services like StubHub, where the price of a ticket far exceeds its retail face value. 

Average ticket prices on StubHub were $616 per ticket, while several other ticket broker sites are offering premium seats had listings at an average cost of $702 per ticket.

$300 and you don't even get a seat? What a rip...

Of course, there's always the option of flying elsewhere to catch some of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs. It might actually end up being cheaper in the long-run.

A quick search on the Bruins' website shows hundreds of tickets ranging from $99 to $504, with plenty of pairs available. Road trip?

No matter how you look at things, there's no question that Leafs fans are getting royally screwed when it comes to tickets prices. But really, should we be surprised? The Air Canada Centre has long been dominated by the corporate suits and in fact over 90% of Leafs tickets are already accounted for by season ticket holders and corporations during the regular season. Unfortunately, this is just to modern NHL. No room left for blue collar fans anymore at the Good Old Hockey Game.