Leafs superfan “Dart Guy” lands full-time NHL job!

Wow! Who saw this coming!?

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Let’s go back for a moment to simpler times… all the way to the Spring of 2017. The Toronto Maple Leafs were back in the playoffs for the first time in three seasons and Leafs fans came out in DROVES to support their team in its first round matchup against the Washington Capitals. One of these fans, known henceforth as “Dart Guy”, rose above all others to the level of super fan. 

If you don’t remember Dart Guy, this should jog your memory:

The peeling face paint, the dangling dart (cigarette)… it’s just perfect. Dart Guy became an instant online celebrity and photos of him from the Leafs and Capitals series went viral all over the world. On social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, the Dart Guy meme was shared by hundreds of thousands of people and the super fan, whose real name is Jason Maslakow, was thrust in from of cameras and microphones by major media outlets like TSN and Sportsnet.

The funny thing is, Maslakow is actually a pretty knowledgeable hockey fan and he managed to parlay his short-lived internet fame into a radio hosting job with TSN 1050 radio and a scouting position with the Aurora Tigers of the Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Now, Maslakow announced yesterday that he’s on the bigger and better things, check it out:

Extemely excited to announce I have been hired by North American Central Scouting. It will be an honour and great opportunity to learn under the very knowledgeable & experienced Director of Scouting at NACS, MarkSeidel I will remain as the Head Scout of the TigersJrA as well

How cool is that!? The guy goes from random fan with a silly gimmick to a full-time bonafide NHL scout!

As you might imagine, the haters came out in droves on social media to try to dump on Dart Guy and his news, but frankly… we’re happy for the guy. 

Mark Seidel, the head of North American Central Scouting personally vouched for Maslakow, praising his work ethic and overall knowledge of the game:

Let me be perfectly clear. We didn’t hire DartGuy  We hired Jason Maslakow who has shown tremendous work ethic, passion, scouting ability, knowledge of the game & drive over the last 2 years. DartGuy got a break but Jason Maslakow has shown me to be very worthy of this position!

Once again, good on you, Dart Guy! Congrats!