NHL News : Leafs willing to offer Nash hefty contract despite uncertain future!
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Leafs willing to offer Nash hefty contract despite uncertain future!

While things aren't looking good with Nylander, Toronto focuses on other forwards...

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The Toronto Maple Leafs might have successfully completed one of the hardest moves of the offseason by signing coveted free agent forward John Tavares to a lucrative long term contract, but it now seems they aren’t done making tough moves… 

According to Elliotte Friedman and his beloved 31 Thoughts column, now back for the season on Sportsnet, it appears that the Maple Leafs are willing to offer a contract to veteran forward Rick Nash. 

Before the opening of free agency season in June, Nash announced that he had surprisingly taken himself off the market before it even opened. Nash suspended talks with interested teams because he’s unsure if he wants to play next season, agent Joe Resnick revealed back then. 

Still today, it seems that Nash’s mind has not changed despite the fact that the Maple Leafs, and the Vegas Golden Knights, have shown interest. Here is what Friedman had to say about the free agency and his unique situation: 

“As training camps open, there’s no clarity on Rick Nash s future. There were plenty of teams who checked in (Las Vegas and Toronto believed to be among them), and a GM indicated he heard one club was willing to offer $16 million over three years. Wife Jessica recently gave birth to their third child, and Nash’s injury history (including multiple concussions) had him seriously considering retirement. Agent Joe Resnick: “Nothing has changed since July 1. Status quo.”

The primary reason for Nash’s indecision has reportedly been his health and whether he wants to continue playing after suffering multiple concussions over the course of his career. Now with a third child, the decision to be a healthy father for a long time obviously trumps everything else… 

Nash has made career earnings of upwards of $91 million, signing two hefty contracts with Columbus Blue Jackets, the team which drafted him first overall back in 2002. The first deal, signed in August 2005 following the completion of his entry-level deal, was a five-year, $27-million pact in Columbus, followed then by an eight-year, $62.4-million mega deal signed in July 2009. He then went on to play for the New York Rangers, and was traded last February to the Boston Bruins. After the season was completed with Boston, Nash had already hinted at the uncertainty of his future in the NHL… 

Nash however remains a very attractive target as he reached 20+ goals in four of those five seasons, including 42 in the 2014-15 season with the Rangers.

Last year, Nash scored 21 goals in the regular season – with 18 tallies with the Rangers before he added three more for the Bruins.

While the contract negotiations are such a struggle with free agent William Nylander, Nash could be the focus for the Leafs at the moment…

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