Leaked pictures show how close Dahlin came to being a Western team's 1st pick

This would NOT have gone over well with most fans...

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There is a great thing about luck and the complete joy of winning something you weren't expecting. It is a bit of the concept behind the National Hockey League draft lottery, with teams and their different odds to land the first overall pick in June. In this year's case, it is called the Rasmus Dahlin sweepstakes. The Buffalo Sabres won Saturday’s drawing after finishing the regular season with the league’s worst record - hence they had the best odds and the order was somewhat respected then. The Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens leapfrogging into the second and third slots, respectively.

The luck of the draw. It however almost guarantees that the Sabres, who are in dire need of a game-changing player on the back end, will select dynamic Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin with the first overall pick when the draft takes place June 22 in Dallas. 

However, pictures have been leaked revealing that another team came close to winning the draft lottery, hence winning the Dahlin sweepstakes. The Chicago Blackhawks needed ball 11 to come out, and when the button was hit to get the last ball out, the ball number 11 was in the best position to come out and make the Hawks the winners of the lottery. Unfortunately for Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman and his group, the ball 6 hit number 11, and ended up coming out to get the Sabres to leave with the first overall pick. 

On Twitter, a die-hard fan looked closely at the draw and the final seconds before the reveal, and shared pictures of his findings on social media, proving the Hawks came so close to landing the first overall pick and winning the Dahlin sweepstakes. 

Several fans would have been quite crossed with the draw if the ball 11 would have come out last. The Blackhawks may have missed out on the postseason this spring and had many woes this season, but they have had their share of success in the past decade. However, it might have been great to see Dahlin get to learn from Duncan Keith while playing in a great market. 

Imagine if the last two teams in the lottery would been the Blackhawks and the Edmonton Oilers. Wow. This would NOT have gone over well with most fans...

However, the tale has ended, and Dahlin is expected to wear the Sabres' colours next season.