Local business humiliates NHL team with publicity stunt!

How will the team, or the fans, react to this?!

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In Montreal, residents are used to orange cones, potholes, detours and reconstructions. However, such a process for the Montreal Canadiens has not taken place for a few years, but it seems that, soon enough, general manager Marc Bergevin will have no other choice... 

Since joining the Habs' front office back in May 2012, Bergevin has always said he would do everything he could to improve his team. Six seasons later, the Canadiens GM has more pressure on his shoulders than ever before. 

A local company did not hesitate to somewhat humiliate him and tell him what he should do next with the team, as Bergevin must feel the urgent need to face the music and begin a reconstruction process within the club, which had a horrible season last year. In a new advertising campaign, the Patrick Morin Renovation Centers have offered Bergevin help in his pressing reconstruction needs.

The sign says: "Mr. Bergevin, we have everything you need for your reconstruction project."

Here is a picture of a large billboard near Montreal, provided by a Montreal webpage, Dans Les Coulisses: 

At the beginning of the summer, NHL insider Elliott Friedman of Sportsnet had noted that the CH would probably choose to undergo the option of slow rebuilding process. There will be no quick repairs. However, a slow reconstruction would imply other miserable seasons and the company Patrick Morin does not seem ready for that...

One of the biggest needs to fill remains at the center of the ice. The Habs still do not have a first renowned center to count on for the upcoming season. Even though the company Patrick Morin offers good services, such a need seems expensive and difficult for Bergevin to find. Then, there is also a major void that needs to be fixed next to Shea Weber: Bergevin has to find a mobile defender who can carry the puck to play with the veteran, who, on top of all this, will miss a good part of the season.

There is also the complicated situation with captain Max Pacioretty that could poison the dressing room for the 2018-19 season. Bergevin will attempt once again to trade him before the opening of training camp, but who knows if he will find a taker.

Patience will be the order of the team supporters for a reconstruction in Montreal, but in the meantime, this advertising campaign allows them to laugh and take it easy before puck drops in October.