Local fans are having over-the-top reaction to recent failed trade!

Wow! This escalated quickly...

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It may be normal that Ottawa Senators are highly sensitive right now... The Sens are sitting 13 points out of the last Wild Card spot to make the playoffs again this spring, and owner Eugene Melnyk has not had the best and most reassuring comments concerning the club's future in the nation's capital. 

So, when NHL insider Darren Dreger mentioned that the Senators almost landed forward Taylor Hall in return for defenseman Cody Ceci before the Edmonton Oilers moved him to the New Jersey Devils, fans went nuts.

They blamed the player, the team's ownership along with the trade process, which used Dreger to make some precisions on TSN 1020 on the failed trade attempt. 

The reaction isn’t – I’m not amused by it because I feel for the people of Ottawa and Sens fans. I mean, this is not the season that the faithful of the Ottawa Senators expected. But I also think that there’s a high, high level of sensitivity right now and most of it is always generated toward negative rather than positive.”

"When I mentioned it on Edmonton radio at TSN Edmonton earlier, it was more in acknowledgment of the work that Pierre Dorion continues to do. And I was asked about Mike Hoffman and what might be on the table for Hoffman from a Sens’ perspective and who might be interested and all of that, and I was discussing that, and then said well look, this guy has proven – Dorion that is – that he can make a big trade. Made the Duchene trade and he was involved in this discussion way back in the day for Taylor Hall that could have ended up in a simple one-for-one – Cody Ceci for Taylor Hall. 

“But before Dorion had made up his full mind or got approval from Eugene Melnyk, within a couple of hours – or whatever the time frame was – Chiarelli moved in a different direction with the New Jersey Devils in the Larsson trade."

Dreger also had to make it clear that this failed attempt could be put on Melnyk's shoulders alone. 

"I did not say Eugene Melynk vetoed this deal. That wasn’t the case. That wasn’t the case. It was just a process that all teams go through, and Chiarelli obviously decided to go in a different direction.”

Feeling better, Sens fans?