Lucic nearly suffers fatal accident as his neck is cut open by skate

This could have killed him.

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Now here's a scary one to start your Saturday morning. Edmonton Oilers forward Milan Lucic probably saw his life flash before his eyes as a tangle up with Golden Knights forward William Karlsson saw the hulking winger fall and catch the skate of Tomas Nosek in the throat.

It's a little hard to see, but here is the replay of the incident in question.

You can see as s Nosek falls with Lucic, his leg kicks up and catches Lucic right in the neck, and if he were  maybe a centimetre closer, he could have opened him right up.

The incident reminds us of Richard Zednik's freak incident with the Florida Panthers back in 2008.

This particular incident was a little scarier, as the cut appeared to run deeper, fortunately though, he was stabilized and this didn't end his hockey career.

As much as Lucic might have a reputation around the league, there (hopefully) isn't a single person, fan or player alike, who wishes this kind of harm onto anyone. 

He shared a picture of his neck post-game, all stitched up. Thankfully he is okay.


Lucic wasn't the only one to live through a scary incident on Saturday night. 

Phillip Danault took a 76mph slap shot to the head from Boston Bruins' defenseman Zdena Chara. Ouch.

The Bell Centre was dead quiet, while they waited for Danault to show any sign of being okay.

Chara stood there motionless the entire time - and you could see the relief when Danault was finally moved onto the stretcher. 

This is the second major injury he's played a part in in Montreal, with the last time being with Max Pacioretty. There was a police investigation on him after the incident, and the league changed the construction of the stanchions by the benches to avoid such a play from ever happening again.

There was a ton of debate over whether this was an accident or not. We won't take sides.

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare of the Vegas Golden Knights also took a puck to the face against the Oilers, and he left the ice a bloody mess.