Major issue in Vegas' trade plans...

This is not going according to plans, but....

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It was supposed to go down this way: the Vegas Golden Knights were loading up on pending free agents and players with great value on the trade market to then deal them away to get interesting returns for the new expansion team's future, like top prospects and exciting draft picks. 

Scratch that plan. 

The Golden Knights are doing so well, that they are now considered Cup contenders. We shouldn't be surprised, fans will say, owner Bill Foley said the team would win a championship within the first six years. As the holiday break nears, Vegas is currently sitting atop the Western Conference and a new plan needs to come into play. 

Now, they expect to be buyers and not sellers at the trade deadline: 

"In the coming days, weeks and months, the Golden Knights will have the opportunity to improve their chances, too. Vegas can explore the trade market and potentially fill gaps and holes in their lineup if GM George McPhee can come to terms with parting ways with a prospect here or future there," writes Jared Clinton of the Hockey News

This is only exciting news for the players and fans who keep blowing us away. 

Imagine what move they could pull before the trade deadline to be even more surprising!