Major issues in Washington could provoke significant changes next season

They might be champions, but problems are still in the way…

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The Washington Capitals are still on a high from winning the first Stanley Cup in franchise’s history last week, however, we all know when there are highs, there are also some lows. Captain Alex Ovechkin knows all too well about this; after 12 seasons in the NHL without a championship, the Russian superstar can now proudly say that he is a Stanley Cup champion. 

The same goes for head coach Barry Trotz, who celebrated the championship, but now needs to focus on something more serious: a new contract with the Capitals. Trotz wants to be back, and general manager Brian MacLellan wants to sign the 55-year-old to an extension.

However, they have yet to make a deal. MacLellan and the Capitals opted not to extend Trotz last summer following a second consecutive Presidents’ Trophy-winning season that ended with a second-round exit at the hands of the eventual champion Pittsburgh Penguins. After winning the Cup against the Vegas Golden Knights, MacLellan said Trotz would be back if he wants to be.

Trotz might be interested to return, but the veteran coach said it himself: “We have some issues to work through.”

The good sign is that MacLellan offered the same answer when ask about a new deal by Isabelle Khurshudyan of the Washington Post. The story is the same, now let’s see if the deal can be as well.

“I do want to be back,” Trotz said Wednesday during the Capitals dressing room clean out day. “There are some things that we have to work out. I’ve talked to Mac. If we can get them worked out, then there’s no question. I love the group of guys. I love the situation I’m in with the team, the location for my son and my wife and all that. So all that’s in place.”

Trotz was making $1.5 million per year, according to the information provided by The head coach certainly deserves a significant pay raise that would put his salary in the neighborhood of some of the highest-paid coaches in the league.

So, let’s see if they can settle those issues and have Trotz back next season.