Major sign McDonagh will be traded!

He is done in New York!

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Captain Ryan McDonagh has not be in action for the past week with the New York Rangers, but it is no reason to do what he did on Monday. On the busiest and most exciting in the National Hockey League, the Rangers captain has reportedly deleted his Twitter account. One that proudly mentioned he was a member of the Blue Shirts.

True, the Rangers haven't played his star defender since Wednesday, but that was due to an upper body injury. Still, teams continue to check in on McDonagh before 3pmET today. 

The Boston Bruins have been one of teams interested in acquiring McDonagh, and both teams have been involved in many recent trades. The Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs are also in the McDonagh sweepstakes, according to TSN's Darren Dreger and Elliotte Friedman.

While the Rangers did move Rick Nash and Michael Grabner, they likely have less incentive to move McDonagh, who could always end up on the block this summer or around the NHL Entry Draft. He still has one year left on his contract with a $4.7 million cap hit.

After the Leafs acquired forward Tomas Plekanec, they may still be in the market for a defenseman - we will know more today. McDonagh might have been just fed up with all the rumors, and decided to disconnect from the chatter. 


  • Trades started pouring earlier this week when the New York Rangers pulled two of their star players, Michael Grabner and Rick Nash, from the lineup Tuesday before the game against the Montreal Canadiens.  Hours later, Grabner was traded to the New Jersey Devils for a second round pick as well as Devils' prospect Yegor Rykov.

Saturday was less agitated on the trade market as teams seemed to be getting ready for a busy Sunday, and it was. 

  • There was also 12 names, including the ones of Sens’ Johnny Oduya and Alex Burrows who landed on the waiver wire.