Marchand brutally insults fan after he tried to chirp him on Twitter!

There is no suspension allowed here, but OUCH!

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Brad Marchand talks a lot on the ice, but he has proven once again he can also do it as well off the ice. 

On Monday, Marchand tweeted that he would be attending a special event at Stop and Shop at 540 squire road in Revere from 6-7 that night to celebrate the 2018 Hockeyville USA campaign. A friendly invitation that quickly turned nasty. 

A fan named Todd Vanderhoof was quick to reply with Marchand's well-known reputation, while teammate Ryan Spooner pointed out Marchand's spectacular play in the picture he added to his tweet. 

But surely, fans will remember Marchand's brutal insult. See how it went down: 

Of course, fans got the reference when they saw Todd Vanderhoof’s profile picture. Spooner on the other hand focused on the positive as Marchand referred to a play where he took a hit to make a pass and give his teammate an empty net goal.

You are now warn more than ever: Marchand does not hold back on social media.