Marchand fires social media chirp of the year at Leafs and Babcock!

That guy will never stop...

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The Boston Bruins are racking up the points and are now creeping up on the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference, as they are now just two points behind the Bolts to take the lead in the east. Theoretically, it looks like the Bruins could be able to beat anyone. This is a group that's played some of its best hockey amid injuries, remaining menacing and ruthless without their best players in the lineup. They have depth, power, leadership and so much more, and let's not forget, their best player Brad Marchand seems to be able to do it all. 

On and off the ice. No limits. Marchand did not only sniped the winning goal just 28 seconds into the extra period for his 33rd of the season in a 2-1 overtime victory against the Minnesota Wild on Sunday, but he also managed to make fun of the Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock, who was asked on Monday about the Bruins and their explosive talent.

During a press conference, a reporter asked Babcock if he managed to catch the playoff battles, both in the Eastern and Western conferences, lately, and their discussion went on as such, as you can see in a video posted on Twitter by Sportsnet: 

Reporter: "Did you notice how Boston is creeping up on Tampa in the standings?"

Babcock: "I was watching Nashville against Winnipeg last night, and they were awesome. I just loved watching, it was unbelievable how good they were. Both on the power-play. And then I switched over and watched Minny and Boston, and I saw Boston make 15 plays in two minutes during the power-play, and so I just shut it off."

You can hear the crowd of media members laughing after the Leafs coach's admission. 

It did not take long for Marchand to enter the conversation. The gritty forward chirped Babcock and Sportsnet by replying on Twitter to both accounts, saying that "it's called playing mind games."

We all know Marchand is not going to hold back, especially when he is given the opportunity to chirp at someone who decides to talk about his team. The famous and notorious number 63 of the Bruins has never learned to shut up on the ice, and we all know his attitude is the same off the ice and on social media. 

The Bruins are a scry bunch, as they are still without key players for the rest of the regular calendar, but still manage to keep racking up the points and becoming one of the most threatening Stanley Cup contenders of the current season. 

And according to Marchand, it's all about mind games.